Introducing the WonderMix Kitchen Mixer!


The time has come to dive back into my blog. I have most definitely been MIA for way TOO long now. The last few years have been crazy, and busy (and more crazy!) for my little family – with the additions of 2 more preemie babies (our second was born in 2012 and our third most recently this past April), we have had our hands full. All three of our kids have given us a run for our money (quite literally), and decided to enter this world 2 months early. We are just grateful they have all been healthy!  In fact, we just got back from an enjoyable night with the little nuggets looking at Christmas lights in Salt Lake. I LOVE this time of year!


That all being said, I’m excited and anxious to get back into my blog! In fact, one of the reasons I’m most excited about this is I have been offered an EXTREMELY sweet deal by the WonderMill Company. They came to me a few weeks ago and asked if I would be one of their product reviewers for their new kitchen mixer they have just come out with – the WonderMix Kitchen Mixer.

WonderMix Deluxe Kitchen Mixer

Not only do they want me to review their machine, but they are GIVING me my very own WonderMix to use for this review. In exchange, they asked for a completely unbiased review of the mixer, testing it with various recipes from their recipe book (plus my own…I’ve already got a handful of recipes you won’t want to miss in mind!), and helping YOU learn more about it!                                                            

I’ve always owned a Bosch Kitchen Mixer. My mom, aunts, and grandmas have all used Bosch.  I always told friends and acquaintances that Bosch was “the only way to go.” However, I learned a good lesson a few years back when I tested my first WonderMill Grain Mill. At the point I used it for the first time, I had previously been using a not so impressive grain mill to turn my wheat into flour for my family’s whole wheat bread. The WonderMill grain mill was a complete game changer for me (enough of a game changer for me to actually become one of their retailers!)  Amazing product, efficient and versatile, fantastic company, great customer service. My old “stuck-in-her-way-stubborn” mentality soon found myself opening my heart to new products that would make save me time and endless hours of work in the kitchen!

So, considering the durability and realiability of the WonderMill grain mill (which, as previously mentioned now proudly own, use, sell and LOVE!) I’m completely willing to give the WonderMix a shot and see what it really has to offer! I figured that if the WonderMill company could create a product as outstanding as the WonderMill grain mill and compete in a market already saturated with decent grain mills, then I had to give the WonderMix a chance.

So, for those of you looking for an unbiased review, stay tuned! I am rolling up my sleeves as I speak, and getting ready to jump in head first into the analysis of the WonderMix!


My WonderMix arrived today and I had to snap some pictures to introduce it to you! Slick box. Completely packaged on the outside AND the inside so no damage was done in transit.


Not only did they send me the WonderMix (which comes with the dough hook, dough divider, and French whips) but they also included a set of cookie whips and a BLENDER! I foresee A LOT of yummy cookies and smoothies in our future J

Don’t go far! Bookmark this blog! You will definitely want to watch out for what is soon to come. I know  I am excited to find out myself!


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Soft Cut Out Sugar Cookies in the WonderMix


I love a good deal. That means I LOVE yard sales, thrift stores, and estate sales! A couple of years ago at an estate sale, I scored a couple of jars worth of cookie cutters. I had great ideas in mind for how my little love nuggets and I were going to put those babies to use.

Then, life happened. Those jars got stashed somewhere up high in one of my cupboards. Occasionally they would come down to assist my kiddos with their play dough projects. And then they’d get stashed away again.

I was listening to Christmas music last night while I was contemplating recipes I’ve wanted to test in the WonderMix Kitchen Mixer. That Christmas music must have been working it’s magic (or maybe it was my sweet tooth….) because it didn’t take me long to know exactly what I wanted to do — Cut out sugar cookies, iced and decorated for Christmas. But cut out sugar cookies call for a recipe that produces great edges after they have been baked. And….I had the perfect recipe! A no fuss recipe that doesn’t even make you chill the dough! Love it!


This was the perfect introduction into my WonderMix Kitchen Mixer review. I can honestly say I was impressed with the WonderMix. Some things I noticed (and that I loved) included the design of the WonderMix bowl. I love, love, LOVE the fact that the bowl comes completely off the drive shaft of the machine. Can I tell you how amazing this is for clean up? If there was one complaint I had about my Bosch, it was this VERY detail. I really got frustrated with ingredients (including sticky bread dough) getting stuck down into my drive shaft on the Bosch. The WonderMill company has completely eliminated this problem with the design of their WonderMix. Check out the difference (WonderMix on left, Bosch on the right):


The best part about this whole process was that those little loves of mine enjoyed cutting out and decorating their own cookies (I think a fair amount of cookie dough was consumed as well!)


 Perfect edges that don’t disappear after baking!


I bake these for 7 minutes, and they turn out perfect in my oven. You don’t want to back them too long. And make sure you let them cool on the sheet before you transfer them to the cooling rack. Enjoy!

Soft Cut Out Sugar Cookies in the WonderMix
If you are looking for a simple soft, cut-out sugar cookie that keeps its shape, this is it! There is no need to chill the the dough and it produces perfect edges every time!
  • 1 cup butter, softened
  • 1 cup sugar
  • 1 teaspoon vanilla extract
  • ½ teaspoon almond extract
  • 1 egg
  • 2 teaspoons baking powder
  • 3 cups all-purpose flour
  1. Preheat oven to 350 degrees F.
  2. In the bowl of your WonderMix, cream softened butter and sugar until smooth and light with your French whips.
  3. Beat in egg and extracts.
  4. In a separate bowl, combine flour and baking powder.
  5. Change French whips to dough divider and dough hook. Add dry ingredients to wet ingredients a little bit at a time while the WonderMix is turned on. The dough may appear crumbly in appearance but will knead together when you turn it onto a countertop surface.
  6. Wet your hands and finish off kneading the dough by hand on the counter.
  7. THERE IS NO NEED TO CHILL THE DOUGH. Divide it into batches and roll out onto a floured surface. You want the cookies to be roughly ¼ inch thick (Any thinner and they will be crispy cookies).
  8. Cut out with cookies cutters.
  9. Bake on cookie sheet lined with Silpat or parchment paper for 6-8 minutes.
  10. Let cool on cookie sheet until they are firm enough to transfer to cooling racks.

No Fuss Sugar Cookie Icing
  • 2 cups powdered sugar
  • 2 Tablespoons milk
  • Food coloring
  1. Mix together powdered sugar and milk in a bowl until combined. You can add more powdered sugar to make it thicker, or more milk to create more of a glaze.
  2. Divide icing into as many bowls as you want to add food coloring too.
  3. Mix desired amount of food coloring in.
  4. Transfer to small ziploc bags and cut a small end of the corner off.
  5. Decorate cookies, spread further with a spatula or butter knife.



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{Recipe Preview} Desayuno Andaluz on Homemade Ezekial Bread

Just a little teaser to the upcoming Ezekiel Bread recipe! Possibly one of the easiest breads out there. Keep posted for the full recipe! It’s a crowd pleaser. Even my 3 year old comes back begging for more!


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FREE Cookbook with NEW WonderMill 110V Electric purchase!!



*** LIMITED TIME OFFER ***  For every new WonderMill 110V Electric grain mill you purchase, you receive a

FREE Cookbook (“Whole Grain Comfort Foods” by Chef Brad)

$25 value!!

Email me at with any questions!


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Gluten-Free Rice Bread


A cousin of mine was diagnosed with Celiac Disease about 4 or 5 years ago. In order to live comfortably, she has had to make quite the change in her diet – eliminating all things gluten. One thing that she has been wanting to find is a decent tasting rice bread recipe. The stuff she can buy at the store is either super dry and unpalatable or super expensive! I told her I would see what I could do to help her out, especially as I know that you can grind rice in the WonderMill to make your own rice flour.

I came across this recipe from Chef Brad of Chef Brad’s Fusion Grain Cooking. Chef Brad is a renowned grain specialist who has devoted the last 15 years to the study of grains and how to use them in healthy cooking. I came across Chef Brad on the WonderMill’s website while reading his review on the WonderMill grain mill. He loves the WonderMill and uses it in a lot of his recipes. The recipe that I found from his website is a basic Rice Bread with Yeast. It sounded good, so I decided to give it a shot. Here it is:


7-8 c. white rice for grinding into 6 1/2 c. rice flour
5 tsp. xanthum gum
3 tsp. salt
1 c. dry milk powder
6 Tbl. sugar
6 eggs
1/2 c. canola oil
3 1/2 c. water
2 tsp. cider vinegar
4 1/2 tsp. SAF or other instant yeast

Preheat oven to 400 degrees.

Set WonderMill to the Pastry/fine setting and turn on the mill.

Pour rice into the hopper of the WonderMill. Once all of the grains have gone down into the hopper, turn off the machine.

Combine all ingredients in Bosch Bowl with dough hook, using only half the flour with the yeast on top. Begin mixing, adding flour until dough cleans sides of bowl. [I added an extra 1 1/2 cups of flour]. Knead for 6 minutes to develop the dough.

The dough will be a fairly sticky dough – almost like a thick batter bread dough. Spray 3 bread pans with nonstick pan spray and divide dough into 3 loaves.

Let rise until double in size.

After placing bread in oven, drop temperature to 325 degrees. Bake 20-25 minutes, or until internal bread temperature reaches 180 degrees [I cooked them for a total of 30 minutes].

Yield: 3 loaves

The end results were fantastic (especially compared to the loaf I bought at Fred Meyer for comparison!) Not only did it look more palatable than the store bought loaf, but it tasted more palatable!

It was a fantastic substitute for store bought, gluten-free rice bread. I’m excited to see how my cousin likes it!

Stay tuned for an up-coming Gluten-Free dessert I will be making using fresh flour ground in the WonderMill!


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How to Bag Your Own Flour Straight From Your WonderMill


When I grind my own whole wheat in my WonderMill, I like to grind an extra bag-full to use here and there before I get a chance to make my next big batch of whole wheat bread or to give away to friends who don’t have a wheat grinder. I used to just pour the ground flour into a bag after everything was said and done until I decided to try putting a bag inside of the canister before closing down the lid with tube (like you would put a garbage bag in a garbage can before placing the lid on top of it).  If anyone is familiar with the Nutrimill Grain Mill, you might have heard of their flour bagger they sell for $69.99. It is an attachment made specifically for bagging fresh flour.  In fact, there is a video that shows the flour bagger itself. To me, it seemed to involve a little too much work to store a simple bag of flour. I decided to try my idea with the bag placed directly in my WonderMill canister – hoping that I could do what their attachment did, but for a whole lot cheaper and a whole lot easier!!

The first time I tried this, the bag never stayed put very well due to the air flow shooting in from the fresh flour going into the canister. It would “puff” up and seemed to be more of a hassle than anything. I knew there had to be a better way to do this and so after brainstorming with my handy-man-of-a-husband, we thought we could take a spare WonderMill flour canister and drill some holes around the sides of it. The idea behind the holes being that it would allow an escape for the air pushing against the inside of the bag that contained the new freshly ground flour.

Additional WonderMill canisters (without a lid) can be purchased for $18.95, so I figured I wouldn’t be out too much money if it didn’t work! (I wasn’t about to spend $259.95 for a second/different mill plus an additional $69.99 for their special flour bagger…I would experiment with my awesome WonderMill!)

Here is my new canister with the holes drilled throughout the sides:

I just placed the bag inside the canister, draping the extra plastic over the sides. I found bags that worked great for the size of my canister. They are 1 mil, 8x5x18 gussett bags and I found 1,000 bags for $42.00 at  Arlene’s Kitchen will soon be carrying these in stock for all of your flour bagging needs, so stay tuned!

I then placed my lid with tube back onto the canister, connected it to my WonderMill and began my normal grinding process by turning my mill on and filling my hopper with a rounded amount of whole wheat.

The final test – taking off the lid with tube:

The end result was a simple solution to my initial problem! I can now store my freshly ground flour, or give it away, without a mess!


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Brazilian Cheese Bread with the WonderMill (gluten free!)

A friend made these for us last weekend on our visit to Utah and I haven’t been able to keep them off my mind! I’ve been DREAMING of Brazilian Cheese Bread for the last week!! She purchased her tapioca flour at her local grocery store in the bulk food aisle. Our local grocery store has a bulk food section but I could not find tapioca flour ANYWHERE! I thought I might have to special order some in, and then I realized I could grind my own tapioca pearls in my my WonderMill!

I decided to try out my new small grain attachment made for myWonderMill.

Most of the mills on the market can’t grind small grains like quinoa, teff and tapioca. Tapioca will in fact clog a lot of mills up. The small grain attachment allows small grains to go more evenly into the hopper without clogging the mill.  I figured this would be the perfect opportunity to test it out!  Check out my recipe below!


2 c. tapioca pearls for grinding into 2 c. flour (will have extra flour)
2 eggs
1/2 c. butter
2 c. cotija cheese crumbled
2 c. monterey jack cheese grated PLUS extra cheese to cut into cubes
1 Tbl. sugar
1 pinch salt

Place Small Grain Attachment into Wondermill. Turn setting to pastry/fine and turn on the mill.

Pour tapioca pearls into the hopper of the WonderMill. Once all of the pearls have gone down through the wholes on the Small Grain Attachment, turn off the machine.

Place 2 cups tapioca flour and remaining ingredients together in Bosch Universal Plus Mixer

Mix everything together and knead until it is pretty soft. Your dough will appear fairly crumbly.

Cut small cubes of monterey jack cheese and form balls of dough with a cube of cheese inside.

Place on cookie sheet lined with Silpat baking mat or tinfoil.

Place in oven (not preheated). Turn oven on to 350 degrees for 10 minutes and then turn to broil for 5 minutes or until just lightly brown on the tops.

You can store the dough for a week in the fridge – just wrap in saran wrap and cover with a damp cloth. It will be a little stiff when you take it out of the fridge to make, but it will soften as you work it in your hands for a few minutes.


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Arlene’s Kitchen guest on the Dr. Prepper Radio Show 1/6/11

Arlene’s Kitchen is going to be a guest on Dr. Prepper Radio Show tomorrow January 6, 2011 at 11:00 am MST. Check it out at the Preparedness Radio Network.

Any customer listening to the show who contacts us at will receive a free PDF copy of our “Favorite Recipes from Arlene’s Kitchen” cookbook, valued at $14.99!

Email us and let us know how you enjoyed the show!

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“Favorite Recipes from Arlene’s Kitchen” PDF Download Special

It’s a NEW Year, we have got our NEW website up and running and we want to offer you a NEW product to complement your kitchen experiences!

We would like to introduce the recently revised edition of “Favorite Recipes from Arlene’s Kitchen” for $14.99.

With this book you’ll be sure to enjoy 181 pages of our favorite recipes!

Check out some of our free “teaser” recipe downloads to get a glimpse into the book! Click on our FREE Recipe Downloads tab on our Homepage.

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Coming Soon

We plan on starting the content of this site soon.

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