How to Bag Your Own Flour Straight From Your WonderMill


When I grind my own whole wheat in my WonderMill, I like to grind an extra bag-full to use here and there before I get a chance to make my next big batch of whole wheat bread or to give away to friends who don’t have a wheat grinder. I used to just pour the ground flour into a bag after everything was said and done until I decided to try putting a bag inside of the canister before closing down the lid with tube (like you would put a garbage bag in a garbage can before placing the lid on top of it).  If anyone is familiar with the Nutrimill Grain Mill, you might have heard of their flour bagger they sell for $69.99. It is an attachment made specifically for bagging fresh flour.  In fact, there is a video that shows the flour bagger itself. To me, it seemed to involve a little too much work to store a simple bag of flour. I decided to try my idea with the bag placed directly in my WonderMill canister – hoping that I could do what their attachment did, but for a whole lot cheaper and a whole lot easier!!

The first time I tried this, the bag never stayed put very well due to the air flow shooting in from the fresh flour going into the canister. It would “puff” up and seemed to be more of a hassle than anything. I knew there had to be a better way to do this and so after brainstorming with my handy-man-of-a-husband, we thought we could take a spare WonderMill flour canister and drill some holes around the sides of it. The idea behind the holes being that it would allow an escape for the air pushing against the inside of the bag that contained the new freshly ground flour.

Additional WonderMill canisters (without a lid) can be purchased for $18.95, so I figured I wouldn’t be out too much money if it didn’t work! (I wasn’t about to spend $259.95 for a second/different mill plus an additional $69.99 for their special flour bagger…I would experiment with my awesome WonderMill!)

Here is my new canister with the holes drilled throughout the sides:

I just placed the bag inside the canister, draping the extra plastic over the sides. I found bags that worked great for the size of my canister. They are 1 mil, 8x5x18 gussett bags and I found 1,000 bags for $42.00 at  Arlene’s Kitchen will soon be carrying these in stock for all of your flour bagging needs, so stay tuned!

I then placed my lid with tube back onto the canister, connected it to my WonderMill and began my normal grinding process by turning my mill on and filling my hopper with a rounded amount of whole wheat.

The final test – taking off the lid with tube:

The end result was a simple solution to my initial problem! I can now store my freshly ground flour, or give it away, without a mess!


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  1. Kristi says:

    Can you tell me the catalog number of the plastic bags you ordered from I went to their site and was unsure of the correct ones to order.



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