Introducing the WonderMix Kitchen Mixer!


The time has come to dive back into my blog. I have most definitely been MIA for way TOO long now. The last few years have been crazy, and busy (and more crazy!) for my little family – with the additions of 2 more preemie babies (our second was born in 2012 and our third most recently this past April), we have had our hands full. All three of our kids have given us a run for our money (quite literally), and decided to enter this world 2 months early. We are just grateful they have all been healthy!  In fact, we just got back from an enjoyable night with the little nuggets looking at Christmas lights in Salt Lake. I LOVE this time of year!


That all being said, I’m excited and anxious to get back into my blog! In fact, one of the reasons I’m most excited about this is I have been offered an EXTREMELY sweet deal by the WonderMill Company. They came to me a few weeks ago and asked if I would be one of their product reviewers for their new kitchen mixer they have just come out with – the WonderMix Kitchen Mixer.

WonderMix Deluxe Kitchen Mixer

Not only do they want me to review their machine, but they are GIVING me my very own WonderMix to use for this review. In exchange, they asked for a completely unbiased review of the mixer, testing it with various recipes from their recipe book (plus my own…I’ve already got a handful of recipes you won’t want to miss in mind!), and helping YOU learn more about it!                                                            

I’ve always owned a Bosch Kitchen Mixer. My mom, aunts, and grandmas have all used Bosch.  I always told friends and acquaintances that Bosch was “the only way to go.” However, I learned a good lesson a few years back when I tested my first WonderMill Grain Mill. At the point I used it for the first time, I had previously been using a not so impressive grain mill to turn my wheat into flour for my family’s whole wheat bread. The WonderMill grain mill was a complete game changer for me (enough of a game changer for me to actually become one of their retailers!)  Amazing product, efficient and versatile, fantastic company, great customer service. My old “stuck-in-her-way-stubborn” mentality soon found myself opening my heart to new products that would make save me time and endless hours of work in the kitchen!

So, considering the durability and realiability of the WonderMill grain mill (which, as previously mentioned now proudly own, use, sell and LOVE!) I’m completely willing to give the WonderMix a shot and see what it really has to offer! I figured that if the WonderMill company could create a product as outstanding as the WonderMill grain mill and compete in a market already saturated with decent grain mills, then I had to give the WonderMix a chance.

So, for those of you looking for an unbiased review, stay tuned! I am rolling up my sleeves as I speak, and getting ready to jump in head first into the analysis of the WonderMix!


My WonderMix arrived today and I had to snap some pictures to introduce it to you! Slick box. Completely packaged on the outside AND the inside so no damage was done in transit.


Not only did they send me the WonderMix (which comes with the dough hook, dough divider, and French whips) but they also included a set of cookie whips and a BLENDER! I foresee A LOT of yummy cookies and smoothies in our future J

Don’t go far! Bookmark this blog! You will definitely want to watch out for what is soon to come. I know  I am excited to find out myself!


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